The Flyer Master

Proud suppliers of high-quality design, web and print services for the dance music industry 2011-2021.

In essence, The Flyer Master started as a side-hustle creating flyer design for people putting on events. I used Facebook to spam add as many relevant people as I could find and would cold DM them a services list – very cringe as I am writing this now, but it did work and I started to get orders coming through and a chance to start building a portfolio and find returning clients.

Fast-forward two years and my now regular clients were keeping me busy enough that I could no longer fit my side hustle around my day job – or I would be creating on a laptop while at the day job! At this point, I decided to make the jump into full-time self-employment and officially launch The Flyer Master as a business.

This lead to office space, team members and as time has passed we become highly recommended within the dance music industry as one of the “go-to guys” for event artwork. The studio has custom made over 1500 flyers for events all over the world but have also managed to branch out to record labels and artist branding. What started as a dream job for me in 2011 has led to a decade of designing for clients big and small on multiple continents!

We have been lucky enough to work for these lovely people over the years:

Annix / Mallorca Lee / Logan D / Encapsulated Energy / Epidemik / Terrorform / Azza & Grima / Sector Events / Innovation / Breakin Science / Low Down Deep / Serotone Recordings / Volks Nightclub / Sun Beatz / Volume DNB / IC3 Genres / Major#Bass / 3Flow / Scotcore / Impact MC / United Sounds / 1994 / Co-Lab / Srewface Promotions / D-stortion Records / HSDNB / Shabba D / Motive / Deep Knowledge / Carnival / Nu Manouvres / Strictly DNB / Kaos / DJ Dominator (RIP) / Addiction / Bass Science / The Garden of England / K Motionz / V Recordings / Digital 101 / Miss Melody / FBKVIP / Dubzology / The Drum & Bass Bible / Kronic Bass / Subway Soundz / Money$hot / Burna Jay / Stinkin’ Beats / Puzzle / Darkside / Sumo Beatz / Beta Brothers / Random Concept / Bass Space / Yellow Brick Green / NBG / Sticky / Takeover / Defect / F8ality Sounds / Fusion / New Sounds / Rainbow FX / Animated / Focus MMA / Re-Wired Beatz + Many More

It has been an honour to have been able to build this company over the years and develop myself in more ways than I ever thought possible but due to many factors over the past 2 years (including COVID-19), it has become time to end this chapter.

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been involved from start to end – without you none of our achievements would have been possible. Special thanks to Tan, Chris, Joff, Sid, Adam, Steve, Joel, Dan for your help over the years.

Please enjoy the highlights from the past ten years...

Digital Art, Poster design, Flyer design, dance event artwork by The Flyer Master company created by UK graphic designer Scott Bennett. Mostly created for the UK Drum & Bass events and festivals.


Thank you