The Flyer Master


OOH Signage, Digital Campaigns, Branding, Print Design


The Flyer Master began as a side project for designing event flyers. Using Facebook, I reached out to potential clients and soon received orders. This helped me build a portfolio and find returning customers. Two years later, I took the leap into full-time self-employment and launched The Flyer Master as a business with my partner. We secured office space, hired team members, and became highly recommended within the dance music industry. Over our 10-year run, we created over 1500 custom flyers for events worldwide and expanded to include record label and artist branding services.

It has been an incredible journey, and I am proud of what we have achieved. I learned a lot about running a business, managing a team, and delivering high-quality services to clients. Although it is sad to say goodbye to The Flyer Master, I am excited about what the future holds.

Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, including COVID-19, it is time to close this chapter. I want to thank everyone who has been involved from start to finish, especially Tan, Chris, Joff, Sid, Adam, Steve, Joel, and Dan for your invaluable assistance throughout the years.

I am looking forward to taking the skills and experience I have gained and applying them to new projects and opportunities. I believe that this is not the end but just the beginning of a new chapter.

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