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Brand Identity, Art Direction & Website Design



Joe Redston is an author, blogger, and coach who specialises in leadership development and team dynamics. In order to better align his personal brand with his professional goals, Joe’s brand was split into two – his personal brand and Raise. A full re-branding exercise was then conducted, with the aim of developing a cohesive and clear visual language that would reflect his approach and values.

The re-branding exercise began with in-depth research into design, color, typography, and photography. The findings were presented to Joe through a series of workshops, which helped to identify what he liked and disliked about different design elements. More importantly, it helped him understand why certain design choices resonated with him more than others.

The final result is a clean and simple design that perfectly matches Joe’s approach. The re-branding exercise has given him a clear visual language that he can use across all his branding efforts. It is a reflection of his values, his approach, and his unique perspective on leadership development and team dynamics. The re-branding exercise has not only helped him align his personal brand with his professional goals but has also positioned him for future success.

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