Pathway to Sustainability

POC & Hyve Group

Art Direction, Layout Design



Hyve Group and Products of Change have launched a series of five documents for the Spring & Autumn Fair, with a total of 72 pages. As the commissioned art director and layout designer, my role was to create a visually appealing design for the documents.

The white papers aim to support Hyve Group’s producers and retailers in achieving sustainability, and they cover a range of topics. “Pathway to Sustainability” provides guidance on how to set business ambitions using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a framework. The Green Claims Code is explained in “Navigating The Green Claims Code and Avoiding Greenwashing,” and “Consumer Trends” explores the behavior of sustainable shoppers. The Circular Economy is also discussed, along with the relevant legislation, policies, and frameworks that need to be considered.

The papers provide a useful starting point for anyone interested in sustainability, and readers are invited to join the Products of Change community hub to share their thoughts and feedback.

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