Hi, I'm Scott!

A graphic designer based on the Isle of Wight (South Coast UK).

I have 15 years of experience working in the entertainment industry with agencies and brands all over the world. I enjoy combining digital and traditional media to develop a visual language that solves problems, communicates consistent messages, and helps brands stand out in their respective environments.

I’ve worked with a variety of clients during my career, including start-ups, fast-paced media companies, and a globally known organisation or two. Warner Music Group, The Association of Photographers (AOP), Johnson Electric, Parlophone, Boomtown, Innovation Events, and Playaz are just a few of them.

My background is in the music and events industries, having run a Creative Studio for 10 years I’ve worked on artist, show, and festival branding. I’ve also done a lot of business design work, where I was more involved in problem-solving than just generating EDM dance poster graphics.

I’m now a resident senior designer at NOSY after a long period of freelancing. This position allows me to collaborate with others, take on larger projects, and broaden my knowledge of different fields.